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Stupid Space-Time Continuum!

Stupid Space-Time Continuum!

Warming Up

Tomorrow, it is back to the factory floor for this industrious, Christian family. Back to school for the children? Nonsense! What schooling do seven-year-olds need? With their sturdy, youthful backs, those delightful scamps will go far! Perhaps, one day, they will be strong enough to haul coal from the bounty’ous Earth or even the wond’rous new mineral Polonium discovered by the Pollack scientistress, Mrs. Pierre Curie.

Canto I

"Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark”

Where No One Should Go... Ever

I’ve been filling all of my free time recently with watching Star Trek. I’ve burned through all of the watchable Enterprise and now, I’m working on The Next Generation. For most normal people 178 hours of Star Trek would probably take them a few months to get through, but I have the viewing habits of a smack junkie, so I’ve watched a chunk of the first and second seasons already, though I’ve only been at it for about five days.

Super IAM8BIT: Old Games, New Art

It’s hard not to get nostalgic thinking about the games we played as children. They are a welcome juxtaposition to the complications, and frequent public humiliations, of adult life. Then, as now, all we really needed to be happy was a clunky controller in our hands and a few bits of data on the screen in front of us. Questions of logic were irrelevant. Why is the giant lizard dude kidnapping a princess? And why, for that matter, is a fat, hairy plumber trying to rescue her? Isn’t she totally out of his league? No matter. We simply accepted the terms and set to work.

Why Won't The World End Already?

Things are looking up!

But, I’m still looking down, because my inspiration comes from that dark, yawning chasm beneath us that is silently and patiently waiting to swallow us up while we go about our merry lives.

Another day. Another update.

I submitted my article on the SUPER iam8bit art show last night around midnight. It will be up soon. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after. These things take time, you see. It’s not like you can just be put stuff up in a public forum instantly. We don’t have that kind of technology!

But there must be some middle ground!

But there must be some middle ground!

Busy Week

The biggest thing I’m doing this week is covering the I am 8 bit art show for none other than the premier adult cartoon website, I don’t usually say positive things, but I’m enjoying this. Last night was the first night and, regardless of what you think about the theme of the art show, there was a lot of well-crafted works of art on display. And I got to talk to a number of rather talented and creative people.